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Meet the Team

  I am the driving force behind Allure. With over 20+ years experience as a hairstylist, I have traveled and gained experience internationally that I put to good use in our Salon.
I try to express my passion for craft in everything I do.
I'm always informed about the latest trends and techniques, so my clients always get the best look possible.
* I am not taking on any new clients. I can recommend any one of my Stylist's to give you the look and feel you are after.

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Andrea Blake

Senior Stylist (Director)


Danielle Bryce

Senior Stylist 
 I have been a stylist for 14 years now and I love my job. I love making my clients feel great! I really enjoy getting to know my clients, what they like don't like and really get an underatanding of what they are really after. I love providing advice and change to those who are unsure. Even after all these years I still enjoy learning new trends and cutting trends. I'm always up to improve my skills and always keen to learn more. Everyday is different and that's why I love what I do.


Devin Miller

3rd Year Apprentice
Hello my name is Devin, I am currently in my last year of my apprenticeship. I enjoy doing colours, blow waves and interacting with everyone. I love my job, I can’t wait to start learning more about hairdressing and pursuing my dream as a qualified hairdresser :)




Coming Soon

Senior Colourist